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Therapeutic Madness- Episode 4: Corona Madness

      No one could have been prepared for the many impacts of the coronavirus. From being socially isolated to being cut off from usual coping techniques, this virus has its challenges for all of us. 

Therapeutic Madness- Episode 3: Kratom Madness Part 2

       In this episode, we talk with Maddie and her mother, Melanie. Maddie is a person in long term recovery and uses kratom for mental health treatment. Melanie shares her perspective as a mother to two kids managing different physical and mental conditions with kratom. 

Therapeutic Madness- Episode 2: Kratom Madness Part 1

      Have you heard of Kratom? In the first of a 3 part series on this topic, we talk with my friend and colleague, Lora Romney about how Kratom has impacted her life. What are the pros and cons to this plant based medicine?