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Host: Mindy Vincent


Mindy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in mental health and addiction treatment and is the founder and Executive Director of the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition. Mindy started the first legal syringe exchange in the state of Utah, and has done extensive work in harm reduction, opioid overdose prevention, awareness and treatment and continues to work to educate the community, stakeholders and policymakers about harm reduction and expand services throughout the state. Mindy started the Therapeutic Madness podcast in February 2020.

Mindy owns a private practice, Life Changes Counseling, in Heber City, Utah. She received her bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University and earned her Masters of Social Work and her Masters of Public Administration from the University of Utah. 


Co-Host: Justin Arriola


Justin was accepted into the US Navy advanced nuclear propulsion program for nuclear engineering and mechanical curriculum when he was 17 and graduated at the top of his class, becoming a staff instructor in the program. He currently owns two engineering tech companies, one of which is in the cannabis industry. 

Stemming from both personal and professional experiences, Justin began advocating over 6 years ago for sound, evidence based drug policies, programs and education on both a state and federal level and was an integral part in the passage of Proposition 2, Utah’s ballot initiative for medical cannabis.

Justin continues to fight for patient access as well as social and economic justice within our recently begun cannabis program in Utah. He has served on the board of directors for the Drug Policy Project of Utah, TRUCE, and has now joined with the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition to aide in their drug policy reform work and education efforts.